Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Oh Dear - I think I'm a Floridian Again

Last night I had dreams of riding my bike - in aero, red of the bike flashing, legs pumping, the whole nine yards.  I was wearing my typical bike attire - a sleeveless tri tank and bike shorts. 

I woke thinking today is my 60 minute Cross Training Day, I can ride that bike for an hour!  Whoo Hoo!

Then I stepped out of the bed and realized that even with the heat on, it was kind of chilly.  When we woke the girls this morning, Angelfish wanted to see outside to determine if she could go back to bed.  After declaring that it was still dark outside  and therefore it was sleep time, she left the sunshield up.  And the cold emanated from the window to the point I had Mr. Darcy fix it to insulate the room a little more.

It was only 36 degrees.  36 degrees is always chilly, but I used to think of this as a day I needed the wool coat - if that were to be the high.  Today, I thought that perhaps I should put the girls in a heavier coat and that maybe I should skip that bike ride.  Especially since I haven't gotten my chain replaced and I could just imagine getting out there and the cold causing it to really pop.... resulting in my carrying the bike home while trying not to slip in my bike shoes.  I decided it was just too darn cold!

It got worse when I was outside getting Ladybug into the car.  In yoga pants, a yoga top and a fleece jacket, I was still cold.  My blood has thinned as they say.  I think I'm acclimated to warm weather, which means that next year this time, I'll be downright frozen.  I've always heard you're 100% acclimated after 2 years. 

So, it looks like I am a Floridian.  Let's just hope I don't start decorating for Christmas with light yellow, light blue, and plum for affect.  Or even worse, putting flamingos with Santa hats on the front lawn and merely removing the Santa hats at the end of the Christmas season. 

Of course there are benefits too... I'll be sporting a tan all year round, despite the load of sunscreen I slather on.  People love to come visit. As an old law school professor used to say in our estate tax class, "People are dying to come here and coming here to die."  Morbid, yet rather true.

Perhaps instead of Christmas in Hawaii, it's Christmas in Florida.  Same number of syllables... and I'm freezing my tuckus off at 36 degrees Farenheit!

Instead of the bike ride, I had a nice hour of Pilates (1st 1/2 hour) and Yoga (2nd half hour), and the Yoga was awesome.  It was balancing the left and right side of the body (Sun-Moon) and I think my back adjusted itself at the end.  I heard a bunch of clicking in my lower back and the complete release of a bunch of muscle tension.  Gotta love it!  Plus, I was/am nice and relaxed. 

Hopefully that relaxed self will last through this evening.  I have to take the girls to Target to buy Mr. Darcy some Christmas presents from them and to buy each other presents, plus cookie baking must happen tonight.  It would have happened last night but unfortunately two helpful little ladies decided to help unpack and put away groceries without permission and the brand new dozen eggs that we had landed with a smack and 12 cracks on the kitchen (tile) floor.  The ladies learned one lesson - you can't bake without eggs.  I learned a lesson too - turn on a show for the kiddies so you can put the groceries away without drama.

This morning, after a night of sleep, you can't fault them for wanting to be helpful.  You can fault them for not listening though.  Always a work in progress.  Ladybug is counting down the days - quite literally - to Christmas.  In the grocery store last night, as I was buying fish for Christmas Eve dinner, Ladybug informed the man at the fish counter 1) that Tilapia is her favorite fish, not Salmon anymore; and 2) he was bald.  Luckily the man is really nice and laughed.  Angelfish told him that she used to like Tilapia but that now she has changed her mind and doesn't like fish.  He told her that she would like this fish because it was for Christmas.  She gave him a look that indicated she was none to pleased with the idea. I just had to laugh at them.

Kind of like I laughed at myself this morning when I realized that this weather is COLD and I really was a Floridian again!

Angelfish is only a little excited about Christmas...
Only a little...


  1. I go to FL a lot and always chuckle when the temps go below 40 and everyone is walking around like it is a ski resort. Sounds like your transformation has started. It could be worse, though. If you find yourself driving a Mercury Grand Marquis call for an intervention.

    BTW: We got 14" of snow last weekend, it is 20 degrees and the wind is about 20 mph blowing the snow around. This is cold.

  2. When I went home for xmas, it was 55 outside and some lady had on a jacket and snow boots, I laughed