Monday, December 21, 2009

A Happy Return and "Winter" Weather

A Happy Return
I'm back home! YAY!  I got home about 12:30 yesterday and set about hiding some extra little Santa gifts that I bought, unpacked, turned the lights on the Christmas tree on, and then sat down.  The house was very, very quiet. Too quiet.  Around 1:30 Mr. Darcy called and we chatted while he drive the rest of the way home.  By 1:58 he was in the garage, and I ran out to give him a kiss and heard Angelfish say "Mommy!"  I opened the minivan door and there was my precious little Angelfish just waking from her nap with a huge smile on her face.  I got her out of her carseat and she gave me the biggest hug she's ever given me.  Ladybug was just waking up at this point.  The poor kid had an accident while she was sleeping so she was a little sheepish, but I got her out of the car while Angelfish clung to me like one of those things we used to have in the 80's on our pencils.  After she changed into new clothes, Ladybug gave me a big hug and a kiss but warmed up a bit more once Angelfish evidently decided it was safe to let go because I wasn't going anywhere.

We read books and laughed and played and Mr. Darcy got us a pizza for dinner when the time came.  We watched a Peter Pan movie that wasn't a cartoon that was really rather good.  Read more stories, cleaned up the play room (during which I blew on a party noise maker, and Angelfish walked up to me, took it out of my mouth and said "It's clean up time, not play time" and marched off - so I tickled her and then her sister).  Finally bedtime rolled around and I assured them, I was not going anywhere except the usual work tomorrow.

This morning I gave them what Mr. Darcy calls a "special treat" (which may be what it is for him...) - I took them to day care.  We got ready for school, had some breakfast, got in the car and went to school.  They were great!  A little fussiness from Ladybug who never wants to get up in the mornings, but she got over it - probably because I let her pick her own clothes out and she decided to wear a white skirt that has little hearts all over it with a long sleeve white tee shirt that also has little hearts all over it (in fact it's the same colors and pattern), bright blue socks (they were on sale for 50 cents at play place - so what if they're bright blue - cheap socks are a must!), and her black patent leather sandals.  Not to mention the hair clip and the maroon and white polka dotted head band.  Oh yes, the fashion mogul. Angelfish's only request this morning clothing wise was that she not wear a pair of jeans that touched her belly button.  A slight hiking down of the jeans solved the problem.

At one point yesterday, Angelfish and Mr. Darcy were in the play room looking at a book and Ladybug and I were in the kitchen sharing some cocoa and I looked into the play room and thought "there's no place else I'd rather be."  A minute later, I told Ladybug that she was a good girl and she said "thanks, but sometimes I'm not."  I told her that she's always a good girl because she loves people and is kind, but that sometimes she makes choices that are good and sometimes she makes choices that are bad.  But even when she makes bad choices, she's still a good girl.  She looked like she got it and then broke off a piece of her gingerbread cookie and gave it to me.  I thanked her and said "You're so sweet for sharing your cookie with me."  She told me that I was sweet for sharing my cocoa with her. It made my heart so happy!

"Winter" Weather
This morning we woke up and it was "cold" for Florida - in the 40's!  It's only getting up into the 50's today, so I have on jeans and a sweater.  I had to go to the post office since they refused to deliver our mail again until I went in - seems no one checked the mail while I was gone and there was no more room for the mail in the mailbox. (In Mr. Darcy's defense, we have one of those key boxes that is the next street over - not just at the bottom of our driveway and it's a good bit smaller than a standard mailbox.)  As I went, I saw people in the neighborhood in coats.  I started to laugh but stopped because I realized that this morning I said it was cold.  I'm definitely starting to acclimate to Florida weather.  By this time next year, I may even be one of those coat-clad people in the "freezing" 55 degree weather.

But at least it sort of feels a little more Christmasy around here.  So I'm sending out warm thoughts to all of you in the northern climes - especially if you're in that dastardly snow storm.  My Uncle sent us pictures from his house in Virginia and he is seriously snowed in for a bit. 2 feet in a day! 

But it's a nice start to the week... I didn't work out today, but plan to do a 60 minute cross training session tomorrow morning.  Until then...

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