Friday, December 18, 2009

A Belated Return Home

Originally, I planned to head home today.  But Dad asked if I'd stay until tomorrow morning.  I agreed.  Now it looks like I will be here until Sunday sometime.  Mom is okay.  The home health nurse came and asked why we hadn't changed the bandage and washed with saline.  Ummm... because no one told us to.  We were told you were going to do the bandage changes.  Turns out the 1st nurse on Wednesday failed to tell us that we were supposed to do bandage changes on the days they didn't come, or that we needed to be cleaning her incision line with sterile water.  So she endeavored to teach Dad how to do all that needed to be done, but poor Dad was a bit overcome and almost passed out.  He's a bit embarrassed despite the fact that it happens to tons of people everyday, especially when dealing with your loved ones.

I, on the other hand, have the ability to separate myself from what I am doing.  Instead of looking at it as Mom, I look at it as these are the steps I have to take and dive in and get it done.  Not sure if that's a good quality or not, but that's how it is.  That's probably how I pull it together with my kiddies when they've hurt themselves.  With them I have a 30 second freakout and then pull it together though.  With Mom, no freak out.  Guess it's the difference between birthing a person and just being born to them. : )

Mr. Darcy has been informed.  He's not overly happy about it, but wants me to give Mom the care she needs.  He just misses his wife and his children miss their Mommy.  (And I am missing all of them desparately too. I had visions of baking cookies and a cake with the little ladies while blasting Christmas carols and having the tree all lit up.  Maybe even taking them to the new princess movie.)  But God puts us where we are supposed to be and at the moment, that is here with Mom and Dad.   

But they'll have a fun weekend, I'm sure.  Mr. Darcy is taking them to Grammie and PaPa's house again for the weekend.  His parents said they'd be happy to have them, even though Mr. Darcy's sweet Mom just left our house this morning after helping out all week.  And we'll try to meet up when I know what time I'm leaving on Sunday.  Maybe I'll try to get some running in this weekend... it's supposed to be cooler so I may even be able to sleep in a little bit and then go run. Hmmm....

So that's the latest.  I'm missing home, but will definitely be there in time for Christmas!


  1. Your poor dad! I'm like that too but only with my mom. If I even think she is in pain, down I go! lol

    Well I'm glad you can be there for your momma! She is in my prayers!

  2. I'm glad to hear mom is doing well. Sorry about the bandage 'mix up.' I hope dad gets comfortable with it. Be there as long as you need, it's understandable.

  3. Good to hear your mom is getting better.